donate the flying experience

Help us bring the power of virtual reality
to veterans.

Create the magic of flight.


The opportunity to fly our most realistic simulator, free of charge. Veterans will enjoy this experience as they take to the sky without ever leaving the ground. We come to you. Fly to your heart's extent. Then we travel to the next veteran. 

Know a Vet?

Recent advancements in Virtual Reality are pushing the envelope of what is possible. Senses are manipulated like never before, allowing one to truly become immersed in the experience. Together, we can deliver flight at the press of a button. 

We bring this simulation to your doorstep. The system is immersive..and mobile.

A veteran that once flew planes, is only a car ride away from flying again. 

Every donation will scale this project accordingly. With well-managed funding, we can reach further. Bringing joy to all the veterans is a large task.. and we're ready.  

Stay in the loop. Regular content will be posted, including reactions from veterans and simulator footage from events. Proof of your contribution will be abundant.  

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